06-Jan-2022 by Richard Nutter

What Are the Main Three Components of IVR Phone Systems?


Is your voip providers the only means of reaching customers? How about training your staff or managing a remote workforce? If so, it's time to invest in an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) phone system. A voice response system consists of different components, the first one being an IVR. It stands for Interactive Voice Response and is called because it replies with audio. The IVR system is where callers hear a waiting message and follow different options like transferring or hanging up phone calls just by speaking on the telephone.

It connects callers with a voice response service that prompts them with questions and delivers information to them. In a matter of minutes, businesses can have personal calls being routed through their system. People need to know about the significant components of the ivr phone system to consider it when they need them. Once the people grab all the major details regarding the components, it will be easy to deal with this system.

Voice Response System –

This system gives information to the customers; once a customer calls the number, it will be responded by the system, and when its call is answered. For example, it would ask for any company name, or if you want to speak with a particular person, it will direct you accordingly. It means that it is used for any purpose. It can also use for marketing purposes as well as for data collection. IVR is used by Governmental organizations, educational institutes and many other companies. Besides this, the ivr system is used by companies manufacturing any service or product.

Electronic Switchboard –

It acts as a front desk for a company; it connects calls to different departments. It is used for transferring calls, and it is also used for receiving calls and transferring them to different departments. It is widely used in small businesses and large companies; it helps them save their money. It avoids the cost of staff and prevents any possible mistakes made by the staff. If any department receives a call, then it will be transferred to the concerned department.

Transmission Equipment –

It directly connects to the phones; it controls the outgoing calls. It also controls incoming calls, which is also known as trunk equipment. It also has a menu to choose from when you want to transfer your call to different departments. Also, it has a list of available departments and is known as Switchboard or Trunk equipment. It allows the people to face no troubles in-between as it allows them to experience a direct connection with the phone.

The mentioned points are very important to know about the significant components of ivr setup so that people can choose from the best one according to their need some services such as availability and number of extensions required, among many other things. Therefore, it is a better way of doing business, and it is always better to know all these details mentioned above to get more information about the ivr phone system.