14-Dec-2022 by Stefanie J. Trapani

Escort Services: Get Familiar With The Different Types Of Escorts

Escorts are available in the modern dating world and serve as companions and romantic or sexual partners. Comparing escorts with prostitution isn't making sense because the purpose of hiring escorts may be different from just sexual satisfaction. Escort will also be a part of non-sexual activities such as meetings and parties.

On reputable Jakarta best escorts, a female escort provides their personality description, photos, physical attributes and services often provided with the price. Regularly, escorts meet new clients and experience something new every time.  

In today's world, there are so many types of escorts that it can be difficult to figure out which type is for you. If you're looking for a hot new escort, then the great escort sites are the perfect platform to start finding the hot and most beautiful female escort.

Independent Escorts

These independent escorts advertise their services independently on the internet without going through an agency or manager. Most independents are part-time and commonly known as call girls. They keep all the money or profit because they work independently, not through an agency or service provider.

Independent escorts keep their professional life away from their personal life or the public eye. You will find that independent escorts will not charge more than most agencies do. They usually prefer to provide service in private buildings and hotels.

Incall Escorts

  • This service is preferred by most of the clients who prefer to receive sexual services or other services at an escort's private location.
  • Most Incall escorts provide their services in their private residences, not in a brothel or other locations because some risks are involved.
  • In addition, some of the Incall escorts offer outcall services.

Outcall Escorts

This escort service prefers to visit clients in private locations such as hotels or homes. However, some agencies may provide these services so that their escorts or clients remain discreet and maintain the privacy of both parties.

This service is suitable for client who prefers to have a discreet relationship with their partners. Many clients don’t want to visit the escort's location because of privacy insecurities. Outcall services make them feel secure by providing the same sexual or other services in their comfort or private location.

Social Escort

These social escorts are different from independent escorts. They can provide full services for all of their clients, but their primary purpose is to provide socialization and companionship on business trips, private dates or public events.

Social escorts play the role or act like they are real girlfriends/boyfriends or romantic partners of their clients. Social escorts are highly educated, well-spoken and socially adept. And also must have the attribute of engaging people in their conversation.


There are so many other types of escorts, like duo escorts, in the real world, and every type of escort serves different purposes. You can pick one of the types that match your need and requirements. You can also visit a reputable escort agency to find a hot and beautiful escort in your location.